04.04.2020 Quarantine day 35

A few days ago we learned that the Washington State Governor extended our mandatory “Stay home, stay healthy” order to May 4th. People are restless.

Today, we went for a drive in the Celica. Liem has a 1977 Celica hot rod. The Woodinville Car Club was having a Birthday Cruise. There were probably 70+ cars, no one got in or out, we just lined up and drove the map, waving to hundreds of neighbors who cam out to see the festivities. I was a small thing, but it felt good, almost normal, to drive past all of these neighbors sitting in chairs or in truck beds in their driveways, just waiting for us to cruise by. A very good couple of hours spent today.

After that, my bestie Emily came over. Yes, technically we are breaking the rules, but we really are social distancing. She comes in through my back gate and sets up her stuff on a table next to her chair. More than 6ft away, I set up my chair and my stuff. We don’t touch each other’s stuff, we stay in our chairs. We play music, drink and just talk and laugh. It’s very fulfilling for us extroverts!

The rest of the evening, I will do a little sewing, watch some tv with my husband and read a summary of today’s news. It’s a bit like groundhog day these days, with everything feeling a bit stagnant, but we will get through it somehow. The reality is, my family has it really, really good. We both have jobs with essential services. We have a freezer for extra food. We have an ok savings. So we are doing what we can to help the local economy and to keep others safe, by staying home and social distancing.

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