FMT Update! Almost 7 years later and we are claiming success!

It’s been a few years since I’ve updated this blog on how Ashley is doing since her FMT almost 7 years ago (it will be 7 years in April). Ashley has been living in Hawaii, on the big island, for about 5 years now. She believed that the abundance of really fresh fruits and veggies, the mild climate and the “Island Time” would be good for her stress and lifestyle. Well, she’s still had stress, because things are expensive in Hawaii, but her gut has held strong! She also decided to give up anything with gluten. She didn’t have a true allergy to it, but her gut did react badly to it. She was able to reduce her flares significantly by eating a gluten free diet. This makes sense to me, if her gut was leaky, as we suspect it was, gluten would be awful for it!

Ashley has not had a full blown flare since her FMT Booster and giving up gluten about 6 years ago.

We received the BEST phone call right around Christmas, from Ashley. She had gone to a party and ate something that she thought was gluten free. When her friend told her that it was NOT gluten free, she had a mild panic and braced herself for the major flare she knew was coming. Only, it didn’t come. She went out a few days later with a mission to test her gut. She did not check with me first, I would have told her no. She went to Burger King and ordered a Whopper (she said it was the worst thing she could think of to put into her gut). Again, NO FLARE!

She’s eating gluten again with no response from the gut! This is a major indication of healing!

It has now been about 3 weeks and Ashley is eating everything again. Especially bread, pizza, buns, all the things she’s really missed. She has had no reaction at all. We are working under the assumption that the FMT and diet change gave her body the tools it needed to heal and we are so over the moon! We are hopeful that even the small twinges she can occasionally get from stress will also go the way of the gluten free with more time. This has been a major success story for us and we are so very excited about it. Thank you for following our journey and best of luck to you, on yours!

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