Let’s Talk Poo 13 (Day 6, Infusion 5)

Today was a good day.  Ashley continued to enjoy her new found energy.  She cleaned the house again today and washed her car inside and out.  I’m always so surprised that she can move around that much while holding an infusion.

She’s had some gas, but we are pretty sure it’s due to the fiber as it’s high up in her intestinal tract.  Moving around and being active has been enough to manage it.  I am so thankful that we don’t have food sensitivities or allergies to work around.  I consider us very lucky on that count.

Lee had a large donation today, enough for two paint consistency infusions.  Ashley had a bowel movement before hand again, which is perfect.  She’s not usually a daily poo’er when she’s not having UC symptoms, but with all this fiber, we all are now!  She used a saline enema again before her infusion to clean out what she could.  Her infusion was at 10:45am.  It’s 11:30pm at the time of this post, so she’s having really great retention today.  Going on 13 hours and going strong!


Note: We are self-insured with a high deductible policy ($2500). Your out of pocket costs could vary based on your insurance coverage, doctors and testing facilities as well as the region you live in.
Item Actual Cost Amount Paid
Doctor’s visit $145.00 $0 (insurance covered)
Blood and Urine Tests $1019.50 $331.24 (after insurance discounts)
Stool Testing $454.71 $454.71 (no insurance discounts)
Supplies $94.16 $94.16
Follow up Doctor’s Visit $145.00 $0 (insurance covered)
Enema bottles, heating pad, Probioplex $97.16 $97.16
More Enema bottles, hospital pads, gloves $49.68 $49.68
Totals: $1860.21 $1026.95


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