Let’s Talk Poo 2 (Finding a supportive doctor)

While there might be a lot of doctors out there who would support the idea of trying a fecal transplant, the reality of today is that most of them work for a corporate entity of some sort, who will not authorize the doctor to support the procedure, let alone do the procedure.  In today’s world of malpractice suits, hospitals and doctors run scared and won’t often stray outside of the lines.  That being said, I should mention that our GI doctor did say that there was absolutely no reason not to try an FMT.  She said the only downside was costs and that the risks were so minimal, they weren’t worth talking about.  Unfortunately, the hospital she works for is not performing the procedure unless the patient has a C. Diff. infection.

We ran into this issue in trying to find a doctor to support our desire to try an FMT at home.  Now, some folks just go ahead and do it anyway.  My personal feelings on that are that you are playing Russian Roulette!  Sure, you may know your brother, sister, mother, father, spouse (insert others here) really well and feel like they are super healthy, but you can’t know for sure without testing.  People can be carriers of diseases and pathogens without having any symptoms or issues.  The idea that you could introduce something like that into the gut of a person who’s already ill is, well frankly, frightening to me.  We are not about taking unnecessary risks with our daughter’s health.  That being said, we had to work to find someone who would support us.  Support meaning that they could provide us with the means to do the blood and stool tests requested in our HPI Infusion document, as well as prescribe the required antibiotics.

As I mentioned in our previous post, the mainstream doctors would have nothing to do with us.  Enter Dr. Stephanie Taylor-White.  A naturopathic doctor in Monroe, Washington who came referred highly to us from Dr. Joe Pizzorno (one of the world’s leading authorities on science-based natural medicine) who we are lucky enough to know.  Dr. Taylor-White has been working with us to try and naturally heal Ashley, but we’ve not had much luck to date.  Obviously it takes time with naturopathic medicine and every person reacts differently to it.  Please note that Dr. Taylor-White *will not* automatically support you in an FMT.  She makes her decisions on a case by case basis.  I would, however, recommend her services.  She’s caring, she listens, she’s driven to help, she keeps up on all of the most recent medical news and she specializes in Digestion and Intestine.

My husband, Lee* is our chosen donor because he is so regular, rarely gets sick and never has stomach issues.  In the 17 years I have known him, I can’t think of once he’s vomited or had any kind of intestinal issue that wasn’t directly related to eating a Bratwurst.  He saw Dr. Taylor-White on Dec 26th for his initial consultation.  We discussed why we chose him as Ashley’s donor and received our fecal testing kit.  She went over the test kit with us in detail, including costs and marked all of the appropriate testing for us on the order sheet, according to the HPI Infusion document.  She then sent us over to the hospital with lab orders for 7 vials of blood, to test all of the blood related items listed in the HPI Infusion document.  Lastly, she prescribed Lee some probiotics just for that extra kick.

We are now in a holding pattern.  We have a few things to get in order before we can move forward to the next step.  Our daughter needs to arrange 10 days off of both work and school, we need to send in and get the results back for the fecal testing and finally we need to get the blood results back.

We are aiming to have all of this in order by sometime in February, at which point we will visit Dr. Taylor-White for Ashley’s antibiotic regimen, collect our supplies and set a date to begin.


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