Let’s Talk Poo 4 (Stool test results are in)

Today our doctor called and let us know that Lee’s stool tests were back.  I am so happy (and relieved) to report that everything was perfect and we are cleared for FMT!

Dr. Taylor-White has been so wonderful during this experience.  I’ve sent her all of the documentation we’ve been reading (studies and protocols) and she’s reviewed it all.  I discussed with her today, over the phone, the Saline vs. Distilled Water controversy.  She said that saline is hydrating (which is why it can cause diarrhea) while distilled water is dehydrating.  She said either would be fine and suggested we try saline first, but if Ashley has difficulty retaining the FMT, switch to distilled water.  She also suggested a medical supply pharmacy for finding saline.

Ashley’s symptoms have subsided again on the Sulfasalazine, pro-biotics, Boswellia and Tumeric, which is great.  My understanding is that a happier gut will do better for populating during FMT.

Our next step is a visit with Dr. Taylor-White where she will prescribe antibiotics and we can ask any final questions before moving forward.

We have one last hurdle before we can move forward.  We are waiting for my daughter’s boyfriend to be gainfully employed again so that she can take 2 week off of school and work  (they have an apartment together and someone has to pay the rent).  We’re hoping to move forward later this month!



Note: We are self-insured with a high deductible policy ($2500). Your out of pocket costs could vary based on your insurance coverage, doctors and testing facilities as well as the region you live in.
Item Actual Cost Amount Paid
Doctor’s visit $145.00 $0 (insurance covered)
Blood and Urine Tests $1019.50 $331.24 (after insurance discounts)
Stool Testing $454.71 454.71 (submitted to insurance)
Totals: $1619.21 785.95 (pre-ins submission)


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