Life After Poo – 2.5 years after original FMT, 1.5 years after booster

I am so pleased to write a very short post with a very exciting update for us!  Ashley has now been in complete remission for 2.5 years.  11 months after her original FMT, she did have some symptoms that lead her to believe she was going to have another flare, but after a short 5 day “booster” FMT, she’s been completely solid (no pun intended) for the full 2.5 years.  I am so thankful to the folks who were willing to share their experiences on the Sally Brown Facebook page and the doctor who helped us take the necessary precautionary steps!  I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone who is looking down the barrel of inevitable surgery for a colostomy bag.  Here’s to hoping I don’t have to write another update for another year, and that update will be similar to this one!

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