Life After Poo 4 (7 months post FMT)

Today we hit 4 months off of medications, post FMT!  In addition to this, we’ve passed a ‘stress test’ too!

Ashley’s adventure on a sustainable living farm in Hawaii came to an abrupt end.  She was under a great deal of stress as she tried to maneuver shipping all of her things home (including her car) and finding someplace to stay with only $50 in her checking account.

On the night before her flight, she found out last minute that she wouldn’t be able to stay in the airport overnight and also had her suitcase zipper completely rip off.  None of the staff were able to help her get it sorted either.  It was a cluster!

Normally stress such as this would throw her into, at the very least, a mini-flare.  She didn’t have as much as a twinge.  Her poo continues to smell like dad’s.

As a reminder, she is only on Metagenics Probioplex to feed the good bacteria and Oregano Oil to keep the candida in check (it was more problematic while she was in Hawaii…probably due to the heat and humidity).

We continue to be cautiously optimistic.  I plan to check back in at 6 months of no meds.

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