Life After Poo 3 (6 months post FMT)

9 weeks!  We’ve made it 9 weeks with no UC symptoms returning!  It’s still far from conclusive, but we remain cautiously optimistic.

Outside of the UC symptoms, Ashley has always struggled with candida.  Literally ever since she was an infant.  She did let me know she’s having some issues with this again.  She’s starting to take her Oregano oil again as well as some probiotics.

Candida isn’t related to UC…it’s a separate issue.  Because anti-fungals are used, it won’t affect the bacteria therapy we’ve done, thank goodness.  From my research, however, I understand that it can slow the healing of the UC, so we will be working to get that back under control.  I suspect the increase is due to her current diet.  She’s living on a sustainable farm for 6 months, having a life experience.  The diet there consists of a lot of fruits and veggies, carbs and not a lot of meat.  They also make their own beer.  I suspect the fruit, carbs and beer at her access is probably the reason for the “uprising”.

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