Life After Poo 7 (1 year post original FMT, 1 month post 2nd FMT)

Well, it’s been 1 year since our initial 10 day round of FMT and I’m happy to say that Ashley has been doing really well.  We did have a minor setback last month, where after 11 strong months, she felt some of her UC symptoms returning.  We’re pretty sure we can attribute them to stress, but none-the-less, they were scary enough that we did another short round of FMT (just 5 days worth).  Ashley felt better immediately after the first application and has been completely back to normal since.

I was a little sad to see that FMT wasn’t going to be a 100% cure for us.  I’d really hoped that it would be.  It does, however, appear to be better than any of her previous prescriptions at getting and keeping her in remission.  This is terrific news in itself.  It means that she can live a healthy, normal life and that we can maintain that with FMT as needed, which is free, natural and doesn’t include surgery!  Ok, there is testing that has to be done now and then (which we plan to do if we travel outside of the country), but the overall costs are minimal.  We’re so lucky to have a donor that is so accessible to us.

I image my posts will quiet down now unless we have another milestone or set back.  I hope that reading our experiences has helped you fill in the gaps of thing that people won’t discuss and perhaps helped you along with a decision of your own.  Best of luck!

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