Let’s Talk Poo 20 (Summing it All Up)

This post is intended to sum up everything we learned and how we worked through this process.  Hopefully it can serve as a guide to anyone looking to try this process themselves.  Here are the steps we took.

  1. Research.  Read about this procedure.  Learn about all of the options.  Learn from other people who’ve tried it with or without success.  With alternate healing methods, you are going to have to be the expert and educate your doctor.  Present them with studies you’ve found, papers to read, etc.
  2. Find a doctor.  I strongly recommend finding a medical professional that will at least help you make decisions along the way (each case of UC is different with it’s own set of challenges), and to help facilitate the donor testing that I consider extremely necessary.  If your conventional GI doctors won’t help you, find a naturopathic doctor.  They are more likely to be open to alternative treatments and have the same privileges that conventional MD’s have.
    • Power of Poop has a list of doctors that do FMT.  If there isn’t one in your area, make some calls to local GI’s and ask.  Remember to try naturopathic docs too!
  3. Find a donor and get them tested with the help of a doctor, according to the guidelines in this doc: HPIHomeInfusion.pdf
  4. Purchase your supplies.  Here is the list of Supplies we purchased.
  5. Two weeks prior to beginning the FMT’s:
    •  Put the patient on a low fiber diet/no cured meats (to starve the gut bacteria) according to the HPIHomeInfusion.pdf document.  Begin antibiotics if you are choosing that route.
    • Put the donor on a high fiber/no cured meats diet according to the HPIHomeInfusion.pdf document.  Here are some high fiber recipes we enjoyed: HighFiberRecipes.pdf
  6. When you are ready to go, you’ll need the following:
    • 1 day prior, you want to do a bowel lavage.  We followed these instructions: ColonPrep.pdf.  Some folks have more sensitive systems and opt to just do 24 hour liquid diets with no lavage.  Use your doctor and your instincts to make the decision that is best for you.

**Thought: Retaining seemed to be easier at the beginning with the empty colon.  I wonder if it would be beneficial to recleanse the colon after 5 days, to start with an empty colon again for the last 5 FMT’s?**

  1. Switch the recipient of the FMT’s to a high fiber diet as soon as the infusions start and begin taking the Probioplex Intensive Care.  My suggestion is also that the recipient continue to avoid processed/cured meats for a minimum of 3 months.  Our doctor recommended avoiding alcoholic beverages for at least 2 weeks following FMT.
**I’ve created a survey that we’ll be using for our daughter, to track her symptoms before and after the FMT.  It includes the items that were relevant to her.  I’ll include the FMTSurvey.pdf  which can be used as-is and filled out on the computer as well as the FMTSurvey.doc in case anyone wants to modify it for their own use.**


Note: We are self-insured with a high deductible policy ($2500). Your out of pocket costs could vary based on your insurance coverage, doctors and testing facilities as well as the region you live in.
Item Actual Cost Amount Paid
Doctor’s visit $145.00 $0 (insurance covered)
Blood and Urine Tests $1019.50 $331.24 (after insurance discounts)
Stool Testing $454.71 $454.71 (no insurance discounts)
Supplies $94.16 $94.16
Follow up Doctor’s Visit $145.00 $0 (insurance covered)
Enema bottles, heating pad, Probioplex $97.16 $97.16
More Enema bottles, hospital pads, gloves $49.68 $49.68
Totals: $1860.21 $1026.95


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